Business Telephone Lines Explained

There are a number of different phone lines available on the market, each type can be used for many different applications, here are the most popular lines and their uses.



What is ISDN?

Integrated Services Digital Network is a high-performance service that delivers broadcast-quality voice and continuous, extremely reliable data transmission.

Continuous data transmission makes it ideal for use with EPOS machines and intelligent tills in shops, especially in areas with patchy broadband coverage.


For small businesses that cannot afford any breaks in data transmission.

With ISDN2e System you can connect to a small switch (Telephone System) with up to 60 channels.

Channels are sold in pairs and can be bonded to increase bandwidth for things like reliable video-conferencing.


For large businesses that need high-quality video-conferencing, consistent transfer of large data files, or that operate call centers.

As well as being able to have an unlimited number of channels (sold singularly), ISDN30 customers can also bond channels to increase bandwidth.
ISDN30 supports WAN to link 2 or more sites.

What do i need a PSTN Line for?

For ADSL/Broadband access, a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) line must exist.
These are used in alarm lines, red care, fax machines and a standard telephone.